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Why Tech Mistakes Are Now Fatal

Different tech eras require different approaches. Here’s the one you must use to survive the next few years.

The “Spotify” Strategy

AI is about to have its day in court. Here’s what that means for your AI strategy.

Back to the Future: How To Think About AI In 2024

AI made a splash in 2023, and everyone is trying to project what 2024 will bring. Here’s an unconventional take on this technological revolution.

Great AI Isn’t About AI

Everyone is trying to win the AI race, but they’re also overlooking what actually makes the difference. Read to find out what that is.

BI Tools Are TiVo

Are you using BI tools to find information for your company? Well, you probably shouldn’t (and this article explains why).

How Africa Skipped Analog

Tech waves are an opportunity for everyone — especially companies in legacy industries. Read this article to learn why.

Hey, Tech Decision-Makers: Customization Can Kill You

Whether you’re building or buying tech, customization isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Read this article to learn why.

Want to Buy the Best AI Tools? Study Victorian Bathrooms

Generative AI is the shiny new thing in business. Here’s the mindset you need to ensure you buy the right tool for the job.

Introducing Caffeine!

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