Why Tech Mistakes Are Now Fatal

At minute 113 of the last (real) Indiana Jones film, bad guy Walter Donovan goes from 54 to 400 in 30 seconds — then explodes into dust. 

He thought the gilded cup he drank from was the Holy Grail. But, as the Grail Knight says after Donovan dies, “He chose… poorly.”

Facing the same decision, Indiana takes his time. He picks the plain option. The cup Donovan overlooked.

The verdict? 

“You have chosen… wisely.” 

And there’s a lesson here. 

Different tech eras require different approaches. 

When the paths are laid, it’s about optimization. Answers are iterative. Mistakes aren’t fatal. 

But when the paths don’t exist, it’s about discretion. Answers are elusive. And your decisions determine your destiny.

With Generative AI, we’re in the latter era. 

The ideal path you create might be as plain as Indy’s cup. 

Choose… wisely.  

Until next time, 


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