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Instant Search

Kona Match instantly autogenerates precision queries from any object record (like a candidate or job order).

Intelligent Matching

Kona Match uses generative AI to enable direct matches from any object to any other (like job descriptions to resumes).

Unbeatable Results

Kona Match analyses everything (like job history, education, skills, resume, CV, cover letters, all databases) to produce peerless results.

Look Everywhere

Every Datatype

Kona Match’s engine understands (and analyzes) every datatype, including contacts, text fields, attachments, and images.

Every Database

Results generated by Kona Match represent the best information available across every internal and external source you have.

Look Everywhere

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(& Scale!)

(& Scale!)

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Size Doesn’t Matter

1000 records? 1B records? Bring it on. Kona eats big data for breakfast.

Speed Does

Performance normally nosedives with scale, but Kona Match is not normal. Our engine maintains split-second results when all other apps are breaking.

Deploy Effortlessly

Onboard without Anxiety

We can get a custom Kona Match page up in a day — and into production just as quickly.

Buy without Bleeding

Say goodbye to software sticker shock. Our actually sane pricing keeps your exec team happy.

Deploy Effortlessly

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“KonaSearch is SAVING us money and it’s MAKING us money, because we are able to find the right people from the beginning, it’s really that simple.”

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Learn how Kona cut hours of searching to minutes for this multinational pharmaceutical company.


Learn how Kona increased the European recruitment firm’s productivity by 170% and saved the company 10 hours of work per month.

Charles Aris

Learn how Kona helped the US Executive Search firm boost the bottom line with faster candidate search.

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