The “Spotify” Strategy

Whatever you think about Elon, he’s great at soundbites. 

In November, Musk called the claim generative AI models weren’t trained on copyrighted data “a huge lie.” The New York Times thinks so too — and it’s suing

2023 was a cheat code era: a window into a world with completely different rules. 

2000 was too. File sharing had dropped on the music industry like an atom bomb, and it appeared everything would change. It did. 

And it didn’t. 

We still pay for music. We just stream it now.

But not on Napster. On Spotify.

Why? The tip of the spear is also the first thing to strike a shield.

So if you’re investing in AI, look for its Spotify. 

(It’s probably not out yet).

P.S. Great minds… see paragraph 15.
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