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All-Seeing Search

All-Seeing Search

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Every Data Object

Contacts, files, fields, images, streams, you name it, nothing escapes Kona Search queries.

Every Data Source

Sharepoint, Google Docs, disk drives, websites, job boards, email servers — Kona Search mines any internal and external source you want.

Telepathic Accuracy

Immediate Accuracy

Unmatched comprehensiveness and patent-pending backend magic produce a new level of accuracy and relevance (without waiting for your system to learn).

Built for Complexity

Kona looks at data like no other search tool — making it particularly good at searching people, institutions, products, and other complex constructs.

Telepathic Accuracy

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(& Scale!)

(& Scale!)


Size Doesn’t Matter

1000 records? 1B records? Bring it on. Kona Search eats big data for breakfast.

Speed Does

Performance normally nosedives at scale, but Kona Search is not normal: Our engine purrs when *all* other apps are breaking.

No-Worry Deployment

Onboard without Anxiety

We can get a custom Kona Search page up in a day — and into production with the flick of a switch.

Buy without Bleeding

No excessive provisioning costs or unpredictable usage fees. Our actually sane pricing keeps execs happy.

No-Worry Deployment

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“Before KonaSearch you had to do a lot of clicking to see details and get information. Now that we have KonaSearch we can find everything we need using just one search query.”

Christopher Byron, Artiflex

Higher Ed

Learn how Kona Search gave Fordham University’s advisors Salesforce search of their dreams.


Learn how Kona Search increased Digitalent’s productivity by 170%, boosted search speed by 200%, and saved the company 10 hours of work per month.

Salesforce Search

Learn how Kona Search accelerated employee productivity at Artiflex with hyper-efficient search.

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