Accelerate Your Business Processes

Businesses are a series of workflows:

  • Taking orders, fulfilling them, and shipping the product
  • Receiving questions and swiftly responding with answers
  • Finding candidates to fill job orders
  • Locating a customer account from a single name occurring in multiple accounts
  • Automating the assembling of customized presentations from a slide bank.

Moving from step-to-step in a workflow often involves pulling out the relevant data (i.e., search), but KonaSearch creates value in taking full advantage of the business context and leveraging every scrap of information about the reason for the search to accelerate your workflow.

Search That Knows You and Your Business

If your Salesforce has 100+ accounts with “Acme,” in the name, the salesperson could spend 10 minutes combing through search results just to make a phone call. By contrast, KonaSearch returns fewer than 10 results* because it uses every piece of context to narrow the search result: the searcher’s sales territory, job title, account ownership, current task, and permissions. It also uses relationships in Salesforce: parent/child objects, joins, and database table hierarchies. By contrast, most search engines treat Salesforce objects as unconnected flat files, and don’t even consider who is searching.

*Based on an actual case study

Search All Your Data Through Salesforce

With KonaSearch, you find your answers on the first try. And you never have to leave Salesforce to do so, even if the information is sitting outside Salesforce. This is not a federated search, where results have to be listed separately by source. This is true integration, where searching all your cloud and on-prem content produces one set of results in milliseconds.

KonaSearch searches all fields on all objects for Sales Cloud™, Service Cloud™, Communities™, and™ applications, including full text search of attachments, Chatter files, articles, documents, and image text (faxes, OCR) of any size. For external sources, KonaSearch can also search local file systems, webpages, SharePoint, Box and Google Drive™.