Deep Search for Salesforce

Workflow gets bogged down in humans preparing data for the next step. KonaSearch automates data curation and accelerates your business by delivering the necessary information from across data silos by knowing who the user and business are.

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Workflows Accelerated

Every moment you spend looking for information takes time away from selling, servicing, or supporting customers. KonaSearch speeds up your business by automating the steps around searching for information in your workflow.

How? By Doing, Not Just Searching

Human beings kill a workflow with manually curating, reformatting, filtering, prioritizing, and exploring data to kick off the next step. KonaSearch knows who the user and the business are — the full context — so it can pull data from silos and deliver the report to complete the next step.

Tailored to Your Business

Building a custom search page or dashboard in KonaSearch is easy and lightweight, like choosing items from a buffet, not altering a suit to fit. How’s that possible? The heavy lifting of getting data out of the various systems is done. The dashboard just determines where and how you want the information to appear.

4.9 star average rating

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A super-easy tool to use, returns perfect (relevant!) results in nanoseconds/faster than the speed of light/quicker than Google.

Comprehensive Search of All Data Silos At Once

KonaSearch is true search integration, where searching all your cloud and on-prem content (where they live) produces one set of results in milliseconds.

Safe and Secure

Every data source is searched, but the user can only see what is allowed for their permission level from each data repository.