Deep Search for Salesforce

KonaSearch™ provides a single, universal search application within Salesforce® that searches all Salesforce data along with content from external sources including SharePoint®, databases and Google Drive™.

4.9 star average rating

“A super-easy tool to use, returns perfect (relevant!) results in nanoseconds/faster than the speed of light/quicker than Google.”

Relevant Results

Acronyms, synonyms, friendly names, relevance sorting, spell correction, relational search, dynamic facets – it's all there to get you the answer the first time – right on Page 1.

Search Everything

Search every object, every field, including picklists and full text search of files, any size. Custom objects and apps too. You can even search across orgs. All from one search page in Salesforce.

Increased Adoption

Need something in SharePoint?
Stay in Salesforce and find it there. External content is fully integrated in the search results, not shown separately in a federated list.

Fast Performance

Results in less than 5 seconds. Every time, and we'll always tell you the exact count, no matter how many records are returned.

Safe & Secure

Kona is AppExchange certified, fully encrypted and tokenized. We support all Salesforce permissions, including sharing rules and permission sets, so you only see what you are allowed to see.

Enterprise Scale

Designed for large enterprises: custom search pages, multi-lingual search, stand-alone indexing, index redundancy, search across orgs. Largest index: 45M records and counting.