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Staffing and Recruiting

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"With KonaSearch you get an incredibly customizable tool so you can find what you need when you need it. Adding a search facet or making changes is so easy that a Salesforce administrator can deliver it right away."

Brent Anthony, Charles Aris

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Staffing and Recruiting

170% Higher Productivity

Boost recruiter productivity with Kona Talent: candidate search and match that covers everything with every query.

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Higher Education

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165% More Meetings Scheduled

Struggle with Salesforce reports? Accelerate productivity and build any report easily with Kona Scholar.

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CRM Search

200% Faster Searching

Read-your-mind accurate, scale-agnostic, same-day deployment — transform your business with supercharged Salesforce search.

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Why Kona?

Every Query Covers Everything

  • Kona queries look at every field and object — even child and parent objects.
  • Queries search files, ZIPs, and images as part of their related records.
  • Queries also scour every data source, including Sharepoint and Outlook.

Find, Match, and Automate Anything

  • Kona’s search language, filters, and facets make impossible search tasks easy.
  • Kona uses generative AI to help enable direct matches from any object to any other.
  • Kona allows users to automate any actions on search results.

Simple, Scalable and Salesforce-Native

  • Instant implementation: Install to running in production before dinner.
  • Kona maintains 100% performance up to billions of records.
  • Kona’s Salesforce-native architecture supports deep customization.

Case Studies

Learn how Kona increased Digitalent’s productivity by 170%, boosted search speed by 200%, and saved the company 10 hours of work per month.

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"Multi-object search sold us. [We’re] extremely satisfied with KonaSearch, both building the custom pages and communicating. We’re able to filter and facet on anything."

Ivana Vasilić, Digitalent

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