Great AI Isn’t About AI

I grew up in a hotel in Jamaica, so I learned (really) early how to make a great old-fashioned.

Want the secret?

It isn’t (just) the bourbon. It also isn’t the ice or the glass or the fancy story. 

Instead, the secret is the bitters. 

For starters, it’s because bitters determine character. Want a smooth cocktail? Try cardamom. Smoky? Walnut. 

But mostly, it’s because they’re overlooked. That’s a mistake. The quality of any drink is measured by its worst ingredient.

And there’s a lesson here. 

The shiny thing in every tech wave shouldn’t be the shiny thing for you. Everyone will have the same generative AI whatever. That won’t determine winners. 

Instead, it’ll be the bitters. The non-glamorous-maybe-even-legacy tech in your AI cocktail. That’s what everyone will overlook.

Everyone except you.

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