The Best Tech Strategy For Tech Revolutions

“Gold was never useful but since long ago has been coveted by those who didn’t work and need tools – a generally useless fascination to everybody who produced something.”

Roderick Smyth made that comment on the last Caffeine. 

And it reminds me of the best Minecraft strategy. 

(My son taught me).

Minecraft teaches survival. So, unlike other games, gold is useless.

The real play — boring as it is — is iron. 

Because iron — boring as it is — is foundational to civilization.

And this reminds me of the best tech strategy. 

Jeff Bezos said (something like) everyone asks what will change in 10 years, but no one asks what won’t change, which is the better question. Then he said (exactly), “You can build a business strategy around the things that are stable in time.”

The lesson?

Don’t bank on the shiny and fast-changing to win. 

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P.S.  In recruiting? Greg Symons and I will be sharing the best tech strategy for that industry on March 20th!
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