Commercial websites have Privacy and Copyright pages protecting the rights of online citizens and their personal data along with the rights of the company to maintain its brand and intellectual property. KonaSearch is no exception. The Privacy and Copyright pages are important: they protect you, they protect us and they keep the lawyers happy.

But in this changing world, how we transact business through the cloud isn’t just a change in how we deploy technology, it’s a change in how we do business. There is a much greater demand on trust. It’s more than a legal agreement; it’s an open commitment to establish a relationship. And it’s not about the trust we have in you, but the trust we earn from you.

You are entrusting us with your data.

We should treat it with the respect it deserves. It begins with transparency and commitment. Transparency means providing full disclosure of our operating and hosting environment’s performance and incident reports. Commitment means ensuring we are providing all reasonable effort to protect your data.

The folks at have made a major commitment to building trust with their customers (see We support their efforts because it’s the right thing to do.