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May Release Notes!

It’s a BIG update for our staffing and recruiting community! We added Kona Parse, better job description matching, and more.

December Release Notes!

December’s product update is huge! It introduces Kona Scale, which lets you search Salesforce like you never thought possible…

November Release Notes!

Kona’s November product updates include a pair of slick and speedy viewers and some matching improvements for our staffing clients.

October Release Notes!

The October release gave users more power over how they display results and fixed an odd legibility issue. Hooray!

September Release Notes!

The September release fixed a weird results cart bug and upgraded permissioning. Okay, we’ll admit it: It wasn’t the most exciting month.

August Release Notes!

The August release gave Kona users the otherworldly power to search ZIP files (plus 11 other things). We don’t know how we did it all.