December Release Notes!

New Features

Massive Scale – Kona Scale (NEW)
In this release, we introduce Kona Scale! Kona Scale elevates all Kona products to support Salesforce environments with 100s of millions of records and large query volumes without compromising indexing or query performance.


  • Ability to prioritize indexing in our grids at the org level, for example, production orgs over sandboxes.
  • Permissioning can now be sharded, improving performance by factors as high as 42x.
  • JOINs can now work across index collections for improved complex query performance.


Enhanced Monitoring and System Management – All

  • Restarting indexing after maintenance pauses is much faster, reducing index latency and allowing Kona to release new features more frequently. 
  • New APM (application performance monitoring) allows Kona to catch potential problems earlier.

Cross-Collection JOINs – All
Kona can now JOIN across index collections, improving query performance.

New Query Caching System – All
New dedicated query caching system allows queries to stay in the cache longer.

Salesforce Security Update – All

  • Added support for Salesforce’s latest security/permissioning features.
  • Updated code to latest version of Java.

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