May Release Notes!

New Features

Resume ParserKona Parse (NEW)
In this release, we introduce Kona Parse for resumes! 

Using GenAI technology, Kona Parse creates or updates records in Salesforce from the content in the resumes. 


  • Personal and contact information
  • Education history
  • Job history
  • Skills

Kona administrators configure Parse by defining which objects and fields in Salesforce are populated with the parsed data. Parse can be called directly from a search page or flow. 

This release supports English resumes with U.S. addresses only.

Subfilters – Kona Search
Users can now qualify filters on their search pages with hidden subfilters. For example, a filter that returns contacts with a certain title can have a subfilter that says they must be active and currently employed.

Support for Experience Cloud – Kona Match
Match now supports Experience Cloud.

Support for Experience Cloud Portals with Multiple Communities – All Products
Users can now use Kona in Experience Cloud portals with more than one community site, including the ability to have different search pages for each site.

Option to Search Recycle Bin – Kona Search
Users can now search records in the Salesforce recycle bin.


Smarter Job Description Matching – Kona Match
Identifying similar or related skills works better now when matching candidate resumes to a job description. Currently only available in the Americas. 

Improved Japanese Tokenization – All Products
Wildcards now work for multi-token terms in a query and for terms containing a combination of English characters and numbers (e.g. a product code).

Better Error Detection – All Products
An error message with instructions now pops up if the authentication between your org and Kona index suddenly breaks.

Improved Relevancy Across Objects – Kona Search
Child and parent objects now participate more fully in the relevancy score. Currently only available in the Americas. 

Performance Improvement – Kona Search
Queries run faster for objects that don’t participate in more complex security models (e.g. sharing rules).

Salesforce API Update – All Products
Added support for v59 of Salesforce API.

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