August Release Notes!

New Features

Zip File Search – All Products
Users can now search all files contained within a compressed file. If a query finds at least one file in the compressed file, the compressed file appears in the search results. The user can then open a popup search page for the compressed file showing search results only for its contents. Supported compressed file types are ZIP, GZIP, JAR, RAR, TAR, 7z, GZ, ARC, LZ, LZW, and CAB.

Zip File Clean – Kona Compliance
Kona introduces a Kona-native action for search page designers that will remove files from a compressed file found by a search query, creating a new “clean” version of the compressed file. An example of where this can be used is removing inappropriate content from compressed files, such as files that contain PII, PHI, PCI, or bad IP.

High Volume Flows – All Products
Kona introduces a Kona-native action for search page designers that will allow them to pass search results from the Kona page to their custom Salesforce flows in volumes higher than the allowed limit for flows. Selected results are rerouted to a global Apex function that passes them to the Salesforce flow in batches. The feature has been tested up to 10,000 records.

Results Aliasing – All Products
Page designers can now substitute values in the search results with their own values, for example, replacing “TRUE” for a checkbox field with “YES” or abbreviated state/province names with fully spelled out versions.


Experience Cloud Update – All Products
Kona search pages now work with the latest version of Experience Cloud.

Shift Select Enabled for Results  – All Products
Users can now select ranges of results by selecting the beginning of the range and then holding the Shift key and selecting the end of the range.

Local Clear Buttons Added to Range Filters  – All Products
Date and time range filters now have their own Clear buttons to clear their definitions.

Time Filter Defaults to 12-Hour Format – All Products
The 12/24 hour setting for time range filters is now defaulted to 12-hour format if not defined explicitly for the search page.

Always Show the Action Bar After a Search Is Executed – All Products
Previously, the action bar would appear while a search was running and then disappear if there were no action buttons and no results. This made for a jarring effect. The action bar no longer disappears.

Search Button Disabled While Query Is Running – All Products
Previously, users were clicking the search button more than once while their query was executing if the results took more than a few seconds to return. Now, we disable the button and present a spinner during the query process.

Performance Improvements – All Products

  • Redrawing search pages no longer slows down for pages displaying large text areas.
  • Selecting values in select and type-ahead filters with long lists is much faster (problem originally seen in Japanese pages only).
  • The maximum number of records that can be sent to the Export to CSV Kona-native action has been increased by 50%.

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