Webinar Salesforce Search: Building a Successful ISV Product on Salesforce

Video Excerpt: Salesforce Developer Group Panel

KonaSearch CEO explains how his ISV product works on the Salesforce platform

KonaSearch is a Salesforce search engine that actually understands how to curate data in an intelligent contextual way for the purpose of some particular flow.

So parts of what our product is implemented for is what we would call a matching engine. For example, our strongest market is in recruiting executive search and staffing and there we’re matching candidates to job orders or we’re matching job orders to candidates. And sometimes that includes the resumes and the job descriptions. So we’re searching both the structured data and the unstructured data together that combined relevancy score provides better results.

And if that data happens to be sitting in another system, then it doesn’t make any difference. We’ll still search Salesforce it as if it was semantically part of the objects in Salesforce. And the other part of the engine that we come out with is what we call our um automation engine which says if I have queries that I run constantly over new data, why not just stick it up in the cloud and have it run lights out and then notify me every time something happens.



If I say, for example, I’m running a talent recruiting agency, I am exploring search options.

How is my life better with coda search versus another search tool?

The competition in the executive search and recruiting world is not about finding the best candidate. It’s about finding the best candidate first!

Everybody has everybody’s resumes in order to find that first. It all comes down to clicks and time to market and you want to get that job order filled and up in front of that customer before everybody else does and you’re gonna win that deal.

And that’s what we actually do. Our clients testimonials are very clear that with KonaSearch they match faster and they match better and they automate that process as well within the context.

And that’s something that’s very important. Most importantly, they also search all of the data, the resumes, the notes, the records in Salesforce all together.

And that’s the one thing that they do now in other markets like IP policing because we’re in IP policing or IP protection, incoming files, zip files and everything else come in, we monitor and analyze all of it and if it’s bad IP we lock it down, if it’s good IP we release it to the internal public.

These are the sort of things that we do at KonaSearch. We find new markets all the time through our partners and through our clients.