KonaSearch Partners with Asymbl to Bring a Smarter, Flexible Talent Application to the Salesforce Platform

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ATS and Curation Engine Integrate to Enhance and Automate Candidate Matching and Recruiter Workflows in Salesforce

Somerville, MA – June 1, 2023  – KonaSearch, a deep search and matching engine on the Salesforce AppExchange, and Asymbl, a leading Applicant Tracking System (ATS) provider, have announced a strategic partnership aimed at streamlining the recruitment process for their clients with an integrated staffing and recruiting solution built on Salesforce.

“We’re excited to partner with KonaSearch to bring our clients the best of both worlds – the powerful and highly flexible ATS capabilities of Asymbl ATS, combined with the deep search and matching capabilities of KonaSearch,” said Brandon Metcalf, CEO & Founder of Asymbl. “This partnership will help our clients improve their candidate matching process and streamline recruiter workflows, ultimately leading to better talent engagement.”

With KonaSearch’s deep search and matching capabilities, Asymbl’s clients will benefit from faster hiring and better talent engagement, ultimately leading to increased business success. The partnership is also a significant step forward in the industry’s move towards more AI-driven and efficient recruitment solutions.

“This partnership marks a significant milestone for KonaSearch as we continue to expand our offerings on the Salesforce platform. Our deep search, matching and automation capabilities, combined with the Asymbl ATS, will enable customers to easily and efficiently match candidates and job orders, saving time and resources in the process,” said Andrew McKay, CEO of KonaSearch. 

The partnership between KonaSearch and Asymbl is a win-win for their clients, providing a streamlined recruitment solution that will result in increased business success.

About KonaSearch

KonaSearch uses AI and deep search capabilities to find and curate multi-org data across the SalesForce platform and outside it. In the recruiting industry, matching the right talent to the job first is key. For Applicant Tracking Systems built on Salesforce, our curation engine matches candidates and job orders in both directions, and automates recruiter workflows at scale. 

About Asymbl, Inc.

Asymbl, Inc. is a provider of business-process-specific applications for Salesforce’s Customer 360 portfolio. With a focus on staffing and recruitment, Asymbl empowers companies to modernize their operations, optimize workflows, and enhance the talent experience. Led by industry veterans Brandon Metcalf and Greg Symons, Asymbl brings extensive experience in both staffing and Salesforce, delivering exceptional value and cutting-edge technology as the go-to-market partner for staffing and recruiting on the Salesforce platform.

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