Talent Matching

Recruiting firms are challenged to stay competitive in a fast-changing market. Now that everyone has the same applicant data, the curation of it is the new battleground.

The speed and accuracy at which candidates are matched to jobs are the most critical pieces to the recruiting process.

Match Candidates Automatically

Start the day with a shortlist presented in a dashboard specific to our customers’ unique needs. This view is an AI-driven, lights-out capability that automates the time-consuming and manual efforts normally in place.

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Provide Better Search

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Match Candidates to Job Orders

Even if results are Contact Objects (job candidates), the various checkboxes and picklists can be querying different objects within Salesforce and other data sources. Mapping postal codes to geographic coordinates enables a radius search, saving time for the recruiter.

“Multi-object search sold us on KonaSearch,” Ivana Vasilić, Research Analyst from Digitalent said. “We are also always developing the database and adding new custom fields and objects.”

Research analysts can add new custom objects and query the attributes that will narrow results to the most relevant candidates. One example tested rerunning the same search, which found 580 candidates compared to 172.

I was really satisfied with KonaSearch, both building the custom pages and communicating. We could choose everything we wanted for filters and facets. We knew what we wanted, but Kona also gave us some advice, assisting us in actually seeing what we could use.

Ivana Vasilić, Research Analyst, Digitalent

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