Recruit RGF

Recruit Case Study


Recruit RGF provides HR services from nearly 900 locations in 16 countries and markets. For a business that relies on matching candidates to jobs as quickly as possible, the ability to find candidates from close to 500,000 resumes in the database was critical.

“Our industry relies on meeting as many candidates as possible. We need to have many, many, many candidates in the system, because that’s our business. We had 150,000 candidates in our database when we implemented Salesforce, and now it’s closer to half a million.” said the CRM team leader.

Essential functionality all centered around the ability to search across Salesforce objects and within attachments, see highlighted keywords and filter them by various facets at any given time.


Since the Recruit team started using Kona Search, Salesforce adoption has skyrocketed. “When you have the least tech-savvy people emailing you with questions, it means something’s working. Before, they weren’t even trying,” said the CRM team leader.

The team is now able to quickly match candidates to open job orders, regardless of where the data is stored.

“We started off with a small test,” the team leader said. “And as I really tried Kona for the first time, I realized, yes, the users are going to love this. This is exactly what they are asking for. I knew right away it was what they wanted.”

Over the long term, the head of the CRM team predicts Salesforce will spread even further throughout the organization. “Our goals for this year are to solidify what the future of our CRM system looks like. Kona is absolutely a part of our long term plan.”