Charles Aris solves their Salesforce Search Function Gap for Recruiters with Kona Talent

Charles Aris

Charles Aris Executive Search quickly identifies and delivers leaders who are qualified, available and interested in enhancing your organization. Established nearly 50 years ago, Charles Aris is a search industry pioneer focused on senior-level assignments within the strategy and business development, private equity, consumer/ retail, finance and accounting, sales and marketing, education, executive leadership, engineering and operations, chemicals and agribusiness sectors.


As a company Charles Aris had worked with search engines that were good but never got very far outside of searching keywords in a resume. Some tools were good for holding and searching resumes but not good for parsing and effectively managing electronic resumes. These tools also made it difficult to search notes made about candidates. So anything that was written down or typed in the past became dormant information that couldn’t be used.

Having not had much luck with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and software systems, Charles Aris decided to move to Salesforce to streamline and simplify recruiting and tracking. But even once they were on board with Salesforce, it became clear that they didn’t get the one thing that they really wanted and needed, which was to make candidate searching simple. For example, they still couldn’t easily put candidate notes and resumes together. They realized that Salesforce was not not designed out of the box with a tool kit needed for recruiting orgs. There was a function gap.


Kona fills in the Salesforce search function gap for Charles Aris.  The Kona UI makes it easy to get information out of the work product, combining both notes, resumes and even files outside Salesforce, so that everyone in the organization, no matter what level, can get exactly what they need.

"With KonaSearch you get an incredibly customizable tool so you can find what you need when you need it. Adding a search facet or making changes is so easy that a Salesforce administrator can deliver it right away."

Brent Anthony, Charles Aris


In order to search a database in Salesforce and outside of Salesforce a recruiter needs to be able to consolidate their data.  Recruiters have to tactically put together a list, but they also need to be strategic about it. Before starting a search project it’s important to do the due diligence with the list from the beginning, because it saves months on the return for the client.

Kona helped Charles Aris shorten the cycle time on the front end of their recruiting projects, to find the people they need to qualify on behalf of the client.  They are now able to find the right people from the get-go and not lose valuable time.


"This isn’t just a relationship, it's a partnership.  We can tell that you are actively listening to what we are asking you and suggesting to you.  We couldn’t have made a better decision than to work with KonaSearch. The proof is that we are getting results!"

Kona is able to take all the information out of Salesforce and put it together the way a recruiting firm needs it. The tools are incredibly customizable so that Charles Aris can get exactly what they are looking for using only one search tool. Kona also offers the flexibility that Charles Aris needs to act on things they want as part of their search product. The fact that the Kona team is so nimble has become invaluable to them.

“KonaSearch is SAVING us money and it’s MAKING us money, because we are able to find the right people from the beginning, it’s really that simple.”

Brent Anthony, Charles Aris