The medical affairs support staff at AstraZeneca are tasked with responding to product information requests (PIRs) about their drugs with a standard response (SR) from their knowledge base. The staff was sometimes spending more than an hour finding the correct SR to a PIR using Salesforce Global Search. This business unit is measured on time and money, so the staff needed to be able to find the SR faster.


Kona created a custom UI so that the medical affairs support staff could directly send question attributes into their Salesforce database to find matching answers. From the results, the support staff quickly narrowed down the possible candidate responses by filtering on any attribute (i.e., values in the fields) or drilling down through facets. Facets are like filters, but they show all possible values and their result counts for every search, so users can ignore facets with no results.


The task of producing the correct standard response for each product information request was reduced from more than an hour to a few minutes.