What Are Kona’s Page Properties?

Your search page will also have “hidden” properties, defined by your page designer. They may include one or more of the following, all of which are defined by your page designer:

  • Default query on open – When you open your search page, it may automatically run a query. The most common opening query is “return everything” (the single * wildcard in the main search box), but it could be any custom search.
  • Default sort on open. When you open your page and a query is automatically run, it can also determine how the results are sorted. Usually it’s by relevance, but it could be by a date or some other field.
  • Default page sort. This is the sort that is used every time you run a search.
  • Global query. An additional AND clause added to every query you run. Often used to filter your results to a single record type, but it could be anything that resembles a filter.

Blank search query. The query that is run when there is nothing in the main search box and you click the “Submit” button or hit the Return/Enter key.