How to Use Kona’s Action Buttons

Earlier, we explained the function of the check boxes in the first column of the table, the purpose of which is to export them to some function. These functions are found in the Action buttons area above the search results table. You select results and then click one of the buttons.

Action buttons are generally custom for each search page and can do anything you want them to do. We provide 2 by default (your page designer can decide not to add them to your search page):

  1. Export to CSV. Exports the record field values for the selected results to a csv file. The csv file includes a tab for every object type in the selection and within each tab a column for every field in the object that is defined at least once in the result set. The rows in the file represent the records in the selection.
  2. Generate Report. Generates a Salesforce report for the selected results. Because Salesforce reporting only allows one object type per report, if the results contain more than one object type, the action will ask the user first which type to generate the report for. Note that report size limits apply as per the Salesforce license.