Meyer Dunlap

Meyer Dunlap


The branded merchandise market has become so competitive that the company who provide proposals the quickest, usually win the order. Virtual images of the prospects logo on a given product are the key visual needed.

With over a million products to choose from, Meyer Dunlap designers are creating tens of thousands of “virtuals” every year. A single company can have hundreds of buyers reaching out for quotes on similar items, so reusing slides from past presentations was paramount.

Finding the relevant slides from the tens of thousands stored in Salesforce took time and effort. Sales people could only search on titles, forcing manual examination of each slide to extract what was needed. Relevant slides often went missing, meaning designers were recreating virtuals that already existed.


With Kona, they can now search deep into slides within their database of existing presentations. Selecting relevant results leads to the last step; a single click and the content is curated into a new presentation.

“On the prospecting side, this has been a massive improvement,” Co-founder Craig Dunlap said. “We are touching more people than we were because of KonaSearch, and with more specific product presentations that seem very tailored to that person.”

“In the past, prospecting was with generic slides because there simply wasn’t enough time to make custom presentations. Now we can send another 10 to 15 client-specific presentations a week that are unsolicited, and that is the hook to get them on the phone.”