Case Study

Uncovering Competitor, Prospect Information Scattered Throughout Salesforce

Industry Vertical and Application Type:

Professional employment organization (PEO) broker, sales operations

Workflow Steps Accelerated:

First step of any competitive, prospect analysis

Challenge: The PEO People is a professional employment organization broker. A PEO is an HR and buying group that aggregates the purchasing of payroll benefits, workers compensation, and other HR benefits. As CEO, Eric Raymond needs data that his team is putting into Salesforce, such as about competitors and prospects. However, his staff was putting the information in various places within Salesforce, and often not in the correct fields. Raymond wanted a search that could look through every field on every object, the various note fields, and other fields, to find information needed for sales and customer service. Salesforce’s default search just couldn’t do that for him.

Solution: The first step of every KonaSearch is the only search engine able to look through every field in every object in Salesforce. Specifically, KonaSearch searches across multiple Salesforce orgs, as well as all standard, custom, and packaged objects in Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and apps. It searches through:

  • All object fields of all types, including Picklists, Long Text Areas, and Formula fields
  • Attachments, files, documents, and articles
  • Content manager, Chatter, and communities
  • Notes, activities, and other child objects as part of their parent object
  • SharePoint, BOX, databases, websites, file directories, and other external data sources
  • Body and metadata for over 100 document formats, such as HTML, PDF, and Microsoft Office®
  • Image text (e.g., faxes) through optical character recognition (OCR).

The deal was closed within a week of Raymond seeing the KonaSearch demo.

Impact: “I couldn’t find the [competitor] information without KonaSearch,” he said. “KonaSearch found it. What else could you possibly want? It enabled me to find what I was looking for and needed. You can never expect people, especially salespeople, to enter data properly no matter how easy you make it.”