KonaSearch is an AppExchange-certified, relevancy-based, full-text search application for Salesforce®.

Free Trial Version

Download, install, and configure KonaSearch in minutes (no coding needed), or white label it using our API. Creating multiple custom search pages and matching layouts is easy and quick. We can deliver proof-of-concept custom search pages in as little as a few days.


Benefits for Salesforce Administrators

If you’re a Salesforce administrator, KonaSearch can help improve the adoption of your Salesforce environment. Your users can find information themselves rather than coming to you, and they never have to leave Salesforce to find information in other systems. KonaSearch is easy to install and use, and because it connects to external systems, you don’t have to.

Integrated search means the content from all sources (including on-prem SharePoint data) is indexed into one common index. This includes all search metadata, relevancy models, scoring, facets, and dictionaries, which are common across all the data, regardless of the source.

What About Security and Permissioning?

KonaSearch’s permissioning architecture is unique. KonaSearch resolves Salesforce’s entire permissioning logic, including role hierarchies and sharing rules, automatically on every query in an encrypted VPC index. KonaSearch resolves permissions within the search index in one pass with the query. This allows for speed and scale with clients over 100 million records who get query results in less than 2 seconds.

KonaSearch has invested heavily in the development process to ensure a secure environment that Salesforce customers trust. Redundancy and fault tolerance are incorporated throughout the infrastructure to ensure an accurate, dependable, and consistent search experience. KonaSearch has undergone extensive corporate, operational, and InfoSec audits — a prerequisite for its Fortune 500 clients.