Webinar: Boston Salesforce Developer Group – Breaking Down the Differences Between ‘Enterprise’ and ‘Consumer’ Search

Speaker Series: Episode 1, Breaking Down the Differences Between ‘Enterprise’ and ‘Consumer’ Search


KonaSearch CEO Andrew McKay broke down the differences between ‘Enterprise’ and ‘Consumer’ Search, and how Deep Search can deliver value through:
👉Matching – finding search results by combining multiple data sources.
👉Automation – triggering actions based on search results.
👉AI – generating/improving queries by training on user actions.

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–> Read the full presentation with slides HERE

Watch the content that interests you:

–> Chapter 1: What is Search?
Andrew McKay explains what search means for Salesforce users. He covers Enterprise vs. Consumer Search and Federated vs. Indexed Search. View HERE.

–>Chapter 2: The Evolution of Enterprise Search
The story of the evolution of search from the keyword, text, semantic, and AI to deep search in Salesforce. View HERE.

–>Chapter 3: Deep Search Applications
Andrew walks through some deep search applications for generating better search results in Salesforce. View HERE.

–>Chapter 4: Salesforce Search Query Examples
Real examples of Salesforce search queries and how they benefit from deep search. View HERE.

–>Chapter 5: Salesforce Deep Search Applications
A review of the many different deep search applications that companies can take advantage of in Salesforce. View HERE.

–> Watch the whole event, video below