Match candidates and job orders in Salesforce with SEARCH that actually works.

World’s Fastest, Most Accurate Talent Matching Solution for Recruiters & Executive Search Firms

KonaSearch is able to take all the information out of Salesforce and put it together the way a recruiting firm needs it and achieve remarkable results and it works with any Salesforce-based ATS.

Advantages include the ability to:

  • Search resumes as part of the candidate record for better results, even if they’re not in Salesforce
  • Create short lists directly from the job order by generating the query automatically
  • Learn from short lists and wins to auto-improve the matches (this is the AI part)
  • Save any query and run it continuously to find new candidates


Read what our clients have to say about us.

KonaSearch fills in the Salesforce search function gap for Charles Aris.  The KonaSearch UI makes it easy to get information out of the work product, combining both notes, resumes and even files outside Salesforce, so that everyone in the organization, no matter what level, can get exactly what they need.

With KonaSearch you get an incredibly customizable tool so you can find what you need when you need it.  Adding a search facet or making changes is so easy that a Salesforce administrator can deliver it right away.

Brent Anthony, Salesforce & Digital Technology, Manager, Charles Aris Executive Search

Research analysts can add new custom objects and query the attributes that will narrow results to the most relevant candidates. One example tested rerunning the same search, which found 580 candidates compared to 172.

I was really satisfied with KonaSearch, both building the custom pages and communicating. We could choose everything we wanted for filters and facets. We knew what we wanted, but Kona also gave us some advice, assisting us in actually seeing what we could use.

Ivana Vasilić, Research Analyst, Digitalent


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