IP Protection

Most organizations don’t know how much data comes from outside sources. Do you?

The average IP infringement case costs $1.2 million. Having protection policies and training in place is a good start, but it won’t help against an infringement claim if you can’t show prevention procedures, such as quarantining offending data or affixing warnings.

KonaSearch IP Protection is a continuous lights-out process that automatically deep searches files as they appear, looking for inappropriate IP and executing your policies. This can include:

  • Quarantining and redacting inappropriate data.
  • Removing anything that does not conform to corporate data policies.
  • Forwarding flagged items for examination.
  • Sending emails or affixing warnings to files.
  • Providing full audit trails as defense against infringement claims.

All the above can be managed and automated in Salesforce no matter where the data actually resides (CMS, email, and data stores like SharePoint, Box, SAP, and Oracle).

KonaSearch IP Protection reduces your risk of costly IP infringement.

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