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Automate any series of tasks within Salesforce

Whenever you need to repeat a search in Salesforce or other data sources, you’ve found an opportunity to automate your workflow. Kona Studio lets Salesforce administrators easily chain together repetitive tasks for their users in Salesforce using data from within  Salesforce (objects, notes, attachments), other salesforce orgs, or external data stores like Google Docs or Sharepoint. Build mini-applications with Kona Studio that kick off automation for users in either a manual or fully automated workflow as a bot.

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Examples of “manually kicking off automation”

  • For a job recruiter, KonaSearch runs in the background, automatically matching incoming job orders to the right candidates and producing an intelligent shortlist for the human recruiter to review and forward to the hiring manager.
  • For salespeople creating new proposals in Powerpoint from existing slides, a search by keyword or topics surfaces highly relevant slides. The person clicks the action button to gather and assemble the slides into one file for human review before being sent to the prospect — all from the same screen.

Examples of “fully automating a workflow”

  • For IP protection, every file uploaded to Salesforce is automatically scanned for IP infringements and routed to (a) “lockdown” for IP infringements found; (b) “ok for upload” if no infringements are found; or (c) “human review” when the bot is unsure.
  • OCR scans incoming, faxed sales orders and extracts entities from specific fields to create a new sales order and attach it to a customer object in Salesforce.

What can you do in Kona Studio?

  • Automate a new section of your workflow with a new KonaSearch page
  • Add action buttons or bots to execute tasks automatically or when user initiates
    • Trigger an action upon receipt of data
    • Push user-selected search results to the next step
    • Click to place a call or send a text directly from your page
  • Add a new database to be searched via Kona APIs to connect any source of data (Sharepoint, BOX, Slack) and logically relate it to your enterprise data in Salesforce.
  • Choose how to dynamically visualize your search results data (pie charts, graphs, etc.
  • Add dynamic filters or facets for any field value
  • Add/subtract any Salesforce field to search

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