Recruiting Firm

Case Study

Scalable and Fast Solution to Matching Job Candidates to Open Job Orders

Industry Vertical and Application Type:

Recruiting, application tracking system (ATS)

Workflow Steps Accelerated:

Matching job candidates to open job orders

Challenge: The faster recruiting firms can fill open job orders, the more money they earn. First-line recruiters at an external recruiting firm were unhappy with how long it took to fill job orders with the millions of candidates in their system. The default search inside their application tracking system (ATS) wasn’t accurate enough and didn’t scale well.

Solution: KonaSearch custom built a search page for the recruiters so they could use a job order as a template for the search query. Results were returned in milliseconds, even against their large database of candidates. Features of the search results page let the recruiters quickly narrow down the possible candidates using the most effective attribute (e.g., years of education, school attended, or previous employers).
These features could:

  • Filter on “job skills” as a tree
  • Search resumes as part of the candidate record
  • Allow dynamic facets to filter results based on any set of values in text boxes, lists of items, radio buttons, check boxes, or a hierarchy trees.

Impact: Introducing KonaSearch increased the throughput of recruiters, allowing them to more quickly find candidates and fill job orders. Saved searches meant they could set a search exactly how they wanted from a GUI, and easily rerun it every day until the job order was filled. They also could share it with a colleague.