Case Study

How KonaSearch Increased Salesforce Adoption and Recruitment Successes

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Workflow Steps Accelerated:

Matching job candidates to open job orders, increasing adoption of Salesforce after migration

Challenge: Recruit RGF provides HR services from nearly 900 locations in 16 countries and markets. Recruit’s HR service is currently ranked fifth in the world. Recruit RGF (Tokyo) migrated to Salesforce, but Salesforce’s built-in search capabilities weren’t meeting its needs. “[Salesforce] doesn’t search resumes and attachments, and it doesn’t highlight where it finds the data. It just says, ‘Boom, data found somewhere,’ and you have no idea where it is,” the head of the CRM said. “You have no idea how many pages of results there are. It’ll just say, ‘Showing 1–50,’ and you have no idea how many pages you’re going to have to look through. It was either search or filter. There was no in-between. People wanted to know, ‘Can we search and then filter?’ and I had to say, ‘No, no you can’t.’”

For a business that relies on matching candidates to jobs as quickly as possible, the inability to find candidates from close to 500,000 resumes in the database was a huge issue.

Solution: KonaSearch provided the essential missing functionality, the ability to: search attachments; see highlighted keywords; and search by filter and keyword at the same time.

“Before, it was not at all user friendly,” the head of the CRM team said. “You had to go through hundreds of fields and know exactly which field you wanted to filter on. It was very much trial and error…. You couldn’t put in a keyword and hope to find someone.”

“Before, you could search for someone by filtering by job title or salary range, but not in addition to a keyword,” said the team’s manager. “Because of data hygiene, most candidates aren’t properly tagged. As a result, I’d have maybe 20 candidates for any given search. In KonaSearch, I can search, for example, by a keyword like ‘sales’ and filter by skills or industry, and I’ll have hundreds of candidates who fit this criteria because it’s not just relying on a filter, but also a keyword search.”

Impact: Since the Recruit team started using KonaSearch, Salesforce adoption has skyrocketed. “When you have the least tech-savvy people emailing you with questions, it means something’s working. Before, they weren’t even trying,” said the CRM team leader.

The integration of KonaSearch has meant the difference between success and failure for the CRM implementation project. “We have a lot of projects going on at any different time, and a lot of our work is developing new features and making sure features are being used. We now have people happy and smiling while using our system.”