Case Study

Shortening the Sales Cycle, Saving Labor With Automated Presentation Curation


Branded merchandise and promotional products for businesses


Creating customer-branded proposal presentations for clients

Challenge: For Meyer Dunlap, the speed at which they can deliver branded merchandise tailored specifically for their clients is their chief competitive advantage. The prospective client witnesses it firsthand after the sales call when they are presented soon after with virtual images of their logo on product (aka, “virtuals”), created by in-house designers. With over a million products to choose from, Meyer Dunlap designers are creating tens of thousands of “virtuals” every year.

A single company can have hundreds of buyers reaching out to Meyer Dunlap for quotes on similar items, so reusing slides from past presentations is a significant timesaver. Unfortunately, finding the relevant slides from the tens of thousands of slide decks stored in their Salesforce system takes real time and effort. Before KonaSearch, a salesperson could only search the presentation’s title, which meant they had to manually examine every slide from every deck in the search results to extract the slides they needed. Furthermore, without the ability to search deeper into the content of the decks, relevant presentations often went missing from the results, meaning designers were wasting time making virtuals that already existed.

Getting proposals to the client sooner was key to keeping them from going to a competitor. As well, the reduced effort meant salespeople could reach out to past buyers with customized proposals rather than less-compelling generic presentations. Meyer Dunlap realized that for either of these to happen, they needed a search-based application to find relevant slides and automatically assemble them into new, customer-specific presentations, essentially automating a time-consuming manual process.

Solution: The Meyer Dunlap sales team now has a custom KonaSearch dashboard in Salesforce that allows them to search, filter, and facet deep into their presentation database to return the most relevant slides, and with the single click of a button, assemble them into a new presentation and assign it to a client and opportunity. The search has all the power of a Google-like natural language search with the ability to filter by various properties such as account, contact, and whether or not the presentation contains virtuals. The results are in a tabular format that identifies the number of relevant slides and the individual slide numbers for each presentation.

Meyer Dunlap chose KonaSearch because it was the only company that offered the fine-grained, slide-level search within Salesforce that other options did not. The game-changer was the flexibility to add an action button that would assemble the slides in the refined search results into one file.

Impact: It takes two to three days for a graphic designer to create a new virtual. Finding slides that otherwise would have gone missing is saving hours of redundant design work; the presentation is often ready to go in an hour or less.

“On the prospecting side, this has been a massive improvement,” Co-founder Craig Dunlap said. “We are touching more people than we were because of KonaSearch, and with more specific product presentations that seem very tailored to that person.

“In the past, prospecting was with generic slides because there simply wasn’t enough time to make custom presentations. Now we can send another 10 to 15 client-specific presentations a week that are unsolicited, and that is the hook to get them on the phone.”