First-Line Recruiters and Analysts

Case Study

Distance Radius Search to Quickly Narrow Down Job Candidates

Industry Vertical and Application Type:

Recruiting, ATS (applicant tracking system)

Workflow Steps Accelerated:

Matching job candidates to job openings

Challenge: First-line recruiters and analysts are compensated based on how many jobs they fill. To increase their performance, they needed a more accurate candidate search than the search included with Jobscience, their ATS. Requirements included scaling to search millions of candidates and radius search for the UK and the U.S. (i.e., candidates located within X miles of a city).

Solution: KonaSearch provided the scaling with searches executed in milliseconds and highly relevant searches that leveraged relationships between objects. For example, KonaSearch could search through a candidate’s contact information with their education history. With the custom search page KonaSearch built for this recruiter, the search screen was like a job order, with the ability to:

  • Filter on job skills as a tree
  • Search resumes as part of the candidate record
  • Deliver accurate counts on every search
  • Save and share searches
  • Perform radius search (KonaSearch has indexed UK and U.S.postal data mapping postsal codes to geographic coordinates)
  • Provide a faster, more relevant search
  • Run deep discovery searches to find historical trends for assessing the root cause of employee churn.

In addition, the ability to save and share searches meant recruiters weren’t constantly fiddling with search parameters. Instead, they could rerun searches each day until the job was filled, or share their best searches for an often-requested candidate profile with their colleagues.

Impact: With a more efficient way to match job orders to candidates, recruiters were making many more matches each day with much less effort, and not wasting time considering candidates who would be eliminated by their location alone.