Commercial Real Estate

Case Study

Accelerating the First Step of Almost Every Sales Activity

Industry Vertical and Application Type:

Commercial real estate, sales management

Workflow Steps Accelerated:

The first step of almost every sales activity

Challenge: Almost every action by a sales executive begins with looking up a customer account. Salespeople were frustrated that it took several minutes to find a customer account that they needed to contact. For example, a search on “Citigroup” returned hundreds of account names because of its numerous divisions and branches. This commercial real estate firm had hundreds of thousands of accounts in its Salesforce instance organized in complex account hierarchies. While there was a lot of contextual information about the account executive doing the search and the account inside Salesforce, Salesforce Global Search did not leverage it to return a smaller number of more relevant results.

Solution: Accelerating an account lookup means taking full advantage of context. By the searcher’s Salesforce login alone, the system “knows” that person’s territory, job title, account ownership, current task, and permissions. KonaSearch applies that information as it looks through objects in Salesforce, leveraging all the relationship information in parent/child objects. By contrast, most searches treat Salesforce objects as flat files, and don’t even consider who is asking.

KonaSearch delivers results in milliseconds. If there are still too many results, a few more clicks will narrow results by:

  1. Filtering on values in each field
  2. Selecting facets (with non-zero results) to drill down.

KonaSearch reduced the initial “Citigroup” search from over 100 to under 10 results just by leveraging the user context and relationships as default clauses in every search.

Impact: Each account executive looks up a customer account dozens of times every day. Reducing that lookup from minutes to a couple of seconds accelerated all sales activities.