Chemical Manufacturing

Case Study

Finding Answers to Questions From Across Enterprise Silos and Between Entities, Post-Merger

Industry Vertical and Application Type:

Manufacturing (chemicals), enterprise search

Workflow Steps Accelerated:

The first step in researching answers to internal business questions

Challenge: Having recently gone through a merger, this large manufacturer is grappling with combining the two systems of each company, while maintaining its own systems for storing data, which include older and newer ERP systems, Sharepoint, and Lotus Notes.

The employees wanted a Google-like search through all their data sources, both structured and unstructured, to find something specific or for exploratory searching. For example, they might need to search shipping information and spec sheets to figure out “the best source for chemical X.” The data sources include multiple languages, orgs and data sources, so cross-lingual searching was mandatory. Users were accessing the data through Salesforce and non-Salesforce portals.

Solution: KonaSearch easily searches across multiple data sources, in multiple languages, while adhering to user permissions dictating what each searcher may or may not view. The KonaSearch page acts as an executive dashboard, allowing users to utilize a structured record to select the attributes for their search. Working from a single index for all data sources, KonaSearch ranks the relevancy of all results in one list, regardless of data source, and gives users the ability to dynamically filter on field values and drill down in results via facets.

Impact: Seamless, highly relevant searches for users to accelerate and solve the business question at hand increases the efficiency of tasks across the enterprise. With that value-add and simple pricing with no data limits, adopting KonaSearch was a no-brainer.