Brand Marketing

Case Study

Shortening the Sales Cycle With Accelerated Proposal Creation

Industry Vertical and Application Type:

Brand marketing, sales operations

Workflow Steps Accelerated:

Filling the sales pipeline with automated proposal creation

Problem: This brand marketing firm follows up every sales call with a custom presentation assembled from a huge slide repository of past presentations. If the prospect is in the wine business and wants to get promotional glasses, chances are the rep can reuse a past presentation of similar content for the same market.
The problem was salespeople were spending hours every day creating dozens of proposals by manually searching for, and extracting from, previous presentations. People were racking their brains trying to remember which of the hundreds of presentations contained relevant slides, and then still had to assemble a deck to send to the prospect.

Solution: From a custom KonaSearch page, salespeople search for slides about specific topics and receive a list of slide numbers for them. An additional piece of code assembles all the slides into a single file. Thus, the entire workflow — from searching for topics and assembling slides to sending the slide deck to the prospective customer — now takes a fraction of the time it previously took.

Impact: Sales representatives are able to reach out to many more prospective customers, and fill the pipeline to increase sales volume and shorten the sales cycle.